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What are humbies afraid of?

What are Hummbies afraid of?" from the Hello Hummbie story series, written by Dr. Kattiyada Chaiyo, illustrated by Minnie Shakuntala, recommended by Dr. Prasert. Print output

What is Humby afraid of?Khattiyada ChaiyoMinnie ShakuntalaThere are always questions from home.“Being with you is the most fussy. Go somewhere else, but people say it's well done.”Just realized that it's not just people's children. Boy ScoutsAt Humby School everything is good. dare everything at home afraid of everything didn't write a storyThe explanation is that the mother is the pillar. The children kick and punch the pillar to make sure they are strong.It's real gold, not fake gold. Confident when he can developmother is real Others are just passing through - should be proud of it.This phenomenon is possible until adolescence.“Staying at home doesn't help mom.Go outside, people come to compliment your child. Mother is so talentedSweeping, mopping, washing dishes”Mother is a dead thing. I still love you. Others don't know this yet.No matter how you rebel, your mother won't leave you for sure. Not sure with other peopleThe hippo is like this.

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