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“Kor Lae” cultural capital told through picture stories for children

Updated: Apr 26

Professor Preeda Panyachan, a famous illustrator of children's books, and Asst. Prof. Dr. Kesaree Ladlia, an academic with expertise in early childhood education and development. got to talk Tell us about the origins. Behind the scenes of working together as an artist and author, with Dr. Khattiyada Chaiyo, managing editor. Kidbuak Publishing House is the program operator At the launch of the children's picture story series which was held at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center Within the 52nd National Book Week on Saturday, April 6, 2024, the event opened with a performance of the imagination to the song Prahu Ko and (Rua Ko and) by the children of Ban Wang Thong Watthana School. with teachers and students Students from Suan Dusit University Including parents and the general public is interested in attending this event in large numbers

Asst. Prof. Dr. Kesaree tells about the beginning. In inviting Ajarn Preeda to work on a collection of children's stories together, he said:

“When I went to the area to work at Ban Bang Tawa, Nong Chik District, Pattani Province, in the late morning I saw a boat and a place that went out to catch fish. Run back to shore Sailing in a line under the bridge Then came to park in a nearby canal. The picture was beautiful and very lively. Shows the lives of people who make a living. that still maintains the beauty of the culture”

With excitement and impression Therefore, he hurriedly consulted with Ajarn Preeda. Thinking of creating a set of stories, which Asst. Prof. Dr. Kesaree and Acharn Preeda Has worked on the development of children and early childhood teachers through books We have been together for more than ten years.

Professor Preeda tells about the time she spent in the area of ​​Ban Bang Tawa that

“...when seeing the boat and the real thing The pattern on each boat is different. From the point of view of art, it's very fun, you can think continuously and not repeat yourself. The employer will tell you exactly what he wants. How did that pattern come about? How did this animal come to be? How does it bring luck? Why is it so lively and fun? You can see that he is very creative. Those patterns were drawn with intention. And the cost of drawing patterns is not cheap at all. which is a deeper path than that is the pride of local people to present what is available in their locality to be seen and used it..."

While visiting the area, Asst. Prof. Dr. Kesaree met a shipbuilder. and knew that the technician inherited shipbuilding skills from his father And the technician himself has a son who is in elementary school. who keeps close to his father and is his father's hand at all times Therefore, it is the origin of the story in the book. Grandfather's painter Painters of Kor and that connect the old and the new generation with culture.

Acharn Preeda added that In this book, there are things that are secretly talked about with children. through illustrations The teacher hid the story of a cat, waiting for the children to follow whose cat it was. So what is it doing? On what page? Let's take a look.

After receiving one story, Asst. Prof. Dr. Kesaree continued to think that there should be another story about boats and boats for small children. So the story was born: Kor and Small Lam, Kor and Large Lam, told in short, simple, and fun language. Pak starts with a cute concept of "What comes with ships?" expensive tiger fish Comes from fishing with boats and It represents a simple way of life that can create value. They are able to provide food for the people in the community very well.

for working on the illustrations in this set of stories Teacher Preeda said that

“...This book really enjoyed drawing patterns on ships. It's a pattern that can be created over and over. It makes it fun because there is no frame to cover it. But it must be drawn beautifully and colorfully. If you look carefully, the boat pattern is drawn and the lines are cut with white, which is the same technique as batik. The scene with large ships arranged side by side is very fun to draw.Besides the pattern on the boat There is also a fishing village. When Teacher Kesari took us to see Seeing the career of a housewife That is, he received fish from the butler who went fishing and then dried it. When he saw it I imagine it must be lively. It must be beautiful because it is a fisherman's house that contrasts with the colors of the boats and the sea.”

At the end of the event, the participants had a discussion and exchange of experiences with the speakers. About the art of the boat and and the beauty of nature in the south with a friendly atmosphere. On this occasion, Mr. Koh Siew Shern, executive of Pelangi Publishing (Thailand) Company Limited, was the representative to present souvenirs. to Professor Preeda and Asst. Prof. Dr. Kesaree and take pictures together

A set of children's stories: Ko and small lam, Ko and large lam, and Grandpa's painter, the artist Kor and both books, have a Kor boat and are a symbol of cultural capital. which is a cost that cannot be assessed in monetary terms Because it is a cost that arises from the knowledge and wisdom of the people. Passed down from generation to generation and made into tools for making food. It is told through stories for children to gradually absorb in seeing the value of their own culture. and honor different cultures which is the basis of living together in society


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