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Kidbuak on Stage Sing, play and dance with The Twins

The Twins series was officially launched on the main stage at the 28th Book Expo Thailand on Sunday, 15 October 2023. Parents and their kids warmly joined the event as well as receiving souvenirs provided by Kidbuak Publishing House.

Kewalin Chumchangthong, the author of The Twins series, revealed briefly.

“The main characters in The Twins, are the simulation of having siblings and friends simultaneously, so the dimensions of storytelling are wide and diverse. In this series, children can easily relate to the stories since the situations in each story usually occur in their daily life, for example, fighting over toys, quarreling, or doing certain routines on their own. If children find that the stories relate to their lives, they will feel like they are part of the stories and that's where the fun begins.”

Then, it’s time for Apple from Apple Show and Bird from Kidjam to lighten up the fun atmosphere by singing and telling the story “Give It a Try” as well as asking parents and their kids to participate in the activity and have fun together.

After the activity of storytelling ended, it was time for the children to show their skills in art by attending the mask colouring workshop. The children could choose who they wanted to colour between Chakhram and Chaphlu, the main characters of this series. The easy way to tell the twins apart was to remember the song “Chakhram and Chaphlu” that was played during the event.

The one with a light green lock of hair who often makes a pleading face is “Chakhram”.

The one with a dark green lock of hair who often makes a cheeky face is “Chaphlu”.

After the children had finished colouring their masks, we took pictures of the children holding their masks to keep the pictures as a memento under the theme “The Twins”.

Whether it is the relationship between siblings in the family or the relationship between friends in school, The Twins series is able to convey values to all children because the stories in each storybook provide cultivation of good habits with understanding and without rushing so children can take their time learning gradually by themselves. Moreover, each storybook also places importance on children’s willingness.

Share or Snatch?

Share when you are ready and willing to share. Know the value of sharing.

Let’s Forgive

Take time to calm down so you can get rid of the anger and be ready to forgive someone from the bottom of your heart.

Give It a Try

Contains both aspects of an adult helping children or children helping each other. This book focuses on offering help at the right time, knowing when to offer help or when to let the other try by himself in order to create chances for learning and growing.

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