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Get to know the basics of coding, starting from a fun-to-read story.

Discussion forum from various perspectives from personnel working with children and technology media on the topic of “Teaching Children to Code, Coding for Our Kids” along with the launch of the Coding storybook. By Think Positive Publishing. In the group of Pelangi Publishing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. on Friday, April 7, 2023, at the 51st National Book Week at the EXHIBITION HALL 5-7 floor, LG Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.

Dr. Chaiyo Managing Editor, Think Plus Publishing Welcoming the participants and take the role of moderator this time by inviting participants to try fun games Separating each section of the list, such as singing a song, claw, claw, duck bathing in the canal. by changing the lyrics according to the changing picture To simulate simple programming to command a computer about pattern recognition or activities, clap your hands in a series and repeat. To simulate Loops or simulate Abstraction by drawing images representing body parts such as hands, knees, shoulders

The content is divided into 3 sections:

Section 1: Benefits for kids learning to code

It is a joint discussion between Asst. Early Childhood Education Suan Dusit University Both of them were of the opinion that It's important that children will be obtained from learning about coding, namely problem-solving skills future career development skills communication skills and technology media literacy

Asst. Yok-In talks about the benefits of coding for early childhood children. Coding helps kids solve big problems by breaking them down into smaller ones. Able to understand the priorities of various problems.

Also, learning to code also trains patience. efforts for children Because computer language is not a common language, children have to understand and experiment repeatedly. You may encounter mistakes, failures that take time and focus to learn. Teachers or parents need to look for the little points of their accomplishments to encourage their children. and when children understand the code well enough will make them aware of digital media in themselves able to access the media securely Know how to deal with cyberbully Ethics and social responsibility in the online world In addition, when writing programs at a higher level will help children develop good communication because in addition to having to order the computer to work Still need to communicate with others to work as a team to develop the program together.

Ajarn Chattawadee Boonthanom added that coding would help children. Know how to find patterns in problems to make them easier to manage. and able to design a set of instructions which various skills These are computational thinking That is the basis for coding. In addition, coding also helps children to be creative. This is another very important skill in the age of applications. They will be able to design a set of instructions that are different from others. can find a solution and create innovations can come up by yourself and can extend this skill to create a career in the future to be a programmer Develop applications

Section 2: Coding Learning Resources

Asst. Prof. Please. Yamprai Associate Dean for Student Affairs College of Creative Design and Entertainment Technology, Dhurakij Pundit University said that nowadays, coding learning resources are available in both educational programs. and various websites For young children, stories are another great source of learning to code. with parents being the main helpers in motivating children Easier access to code.

For students, students can learn to code from courses and fields at university such as information technology. computer science and engineering Or on websites such as, scratch, or Micro bit programming software from Microsoft.

Kindergarten children section. Fairy tales are the perfect medium to get to know coding. With parents asking questions that stimulate children's minds. while reading together Let's talk about coding issues, such as helping each other find similar patterns. or find components even if having to read the same tales over and over again But the thought provoking from the story will make the story more enjoyable. It's a good foundation for children. Understanding coding without too much difficulty making him able to connect when he grows up

Part 3: Knowing the code easily. From the story

Kawalyn Chumchangthong, editor and writer. think positive publishing house Introduced 9 books of fairy tales in the coding set from Think Plus Publishing, and 2 additional books of skills-enhancing exercises that extend knowledge.

The first set of tales. The I love CT set. This set is the starting set because Computational Thinking (CT) is about systematic thinking. which is the basis of living and studying other subjects Including being the basis for learning Coding by reading stories that are fun to read like a normal story. but supplemented with CT content at the end of the book that corresponds to the content The same method can be applied to other tales as well, because every tale has its own critical point or problem. The story that teaches about CT is to use CT to solve that problem. in the book itself

The next set of tales. is setI Get Coding

It is a series of fairy tales with leading characters. It's the boy Cody and the robot Roby. It's a world where children and robots share their daily lives. Robots are increasingly interacting with people in their daily lives. with a story about robots It may be reminiscent of a lot of technology-related issues, but actually the heart of this set is about Difference Between Robots and Humans with content Decomposition, loops, and algorithms are the core of the presentation.

The third set of tales. is the setI Know Coding

It's a story in which characters use coding to solve certain problems. which is a problem with the mind and human actions Do not use commands to robots. Focus on communication between humans and humans. let the child think think like a computer Uncomplicated thinking, clear communication Can be used in everyday life with the people we have to communicate with the subject matter Sequence, Abstraction, Boolean Operators as the core of the presentation.

There are also 2 more coding practice books, Fun Coding with Roby Algorithm from the I Get Coding series that has activities for children. Practice walking in the direction of the arrow. according to the order of the algorithm And can create algorithms with arrows by yourself and another book is Explore the city of Nongnang Unplugged Coding From the I Know Coding series, there are characters and stories from the tale expanded in the form of activities to be more clear. Because in the story we will not focus on learning at a practical level. but will be brought to the top in this book instead

Finally. Every difficult story in this world can be told through a story to make it easy to understand. And coding is one of them that we tell through stories, inviting children to know coding without stress. Not even having to do it Or judge right or wrong until the end of the book We just want to tell the kids about coding. Only for fun.

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