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Kidbuak publishing house have selected good tales from foreign countries deep content Enhance the power of the mind and mind to the children have already been published in the Thai version. from the original story Vieil éléphant of the publisher Mijade


warm love story that helps children Feel the courage in your own little heartChildren go through negative feelings. when encountering an inevitable event

When a small bicep's elephant friend it's time to leave To a land where there is no return, even the bicepsI don't want to accept this farewell. but in his heart he knew There is a place to make his fellow elephants happy, so the bicepsturn sadness into power Do what you set out to do with all your heart. to send elephant friends to the best path

Old Elephant

  • Series: Brave Little Heart

    Title: Old Elephant

    Author: Laurence Bourguignon

    Illustrator: Laurent Simon

    Translator: Premika Suwanwuttichai

    Synopsis: dare to overcome sadness To make loved ones happy

    Reading age: 3-6 years